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Thing to Remember about Stargazing, The

Night after night children, families, best friends and even polar bears turn their eyes to the beauty of the skies to be amazed by stars. This book is a reminder to do just that."

—Rebecca Kai Dotlich, award-winning children’s author/poet


“With its playful, poetic voice, this book reminds us that there is no perfect time to look up and wonder. All over the world, the beauty of the stars is waiting for us.”
—Joyce Sidman, Newbery Honor winner and recipient of the NCTE Award for Excellence in Children's Poetry

Thing to Remember about Stargazing, The

What is the most important thing to remember about stargazing? When to do it, who to do it with, what to look for? It’s none of those! This picture book’s spare, lyrical text offers many possible ways to do stargazing: with a friend, with family, or alone; on a moonless night, or with a full moon, or even with some clouds; on the beach, lying in the grass, or standing on a snowy hill. There is only one rule of stargazing, which is saved for the end, and that is just to do it! Magical illustrations show polar bears, whales, and other animals stargazing too, and in the final illustration, diverse kids and animals gaze at the night sky together. Backmatter about the constellations completes this bedtime story with its underlying message of love and respect for nature.

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