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Sales & Licensing

Tilbury House children’s books are distributed in the United States by: 

W.W. Norton & Company

500 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10110


Book wholesalers and retailers, call the Order Department at 800.233.4830

For Catalog and Special Sales, contact David Achar at

To inquire about international rights, contact Linda Biagi at

Permissions & Licensing

Tilbury House content may not be reproduced or reused without written permission from the publisher. To request permission, please specify your contact information, the Tilbury House content you’re asking to use, and how you’d like to use it, including the following:

  • Details and description of your Product, including Title, Pub/Release Date, Author(s), Formats and their quantities, term, territories, additional rights, and any other pertinent information;

  • Details of the Tilbury House content requested, including title of the book, chapter or selection, author(s)/artist(s), page numbers, and word count;

  • If relevant, a marked-up page indicating requested edits.

Address permission requests to Sarah Rockett at

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