Sheila Says We’re Weird (but we’re just green)


Sheila Says We’re Weird (but we’re just green)



In SHEILA SAYS WE’RE WEIRD (BUT WE’RE JUST GREEN), by Ruth Ann Smalley, Sheila is either hanging over the back fence or hanging out with her neighbors. They’re interesting, but they’re weird. Why do they hang their laundry outside instead of using the dryer? Why are they riding their bikes to the library instead of just using the car? Why do they mow their lawn with a push mower when a gas mower is much faster? But Sheila discovers that their homemade soup sure tastes good, that she likes picking cherry tomatoes and strawberries in their garden, and it’s pretty cozy to sit around the woodstove in the winter. Are Sheila’s neighbors really weird, or do they have some good ideas going on?


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Honors and Awards:

Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, Picture Book Category, Bronze

Society of School Librarians International (SSLI) Honor Book

Skipping Stones Honor Award

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