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Secret Galaxy, The

  • Junior Library Guild Selection

    Bank Street College Best Book of the Year

    Eureka! Nonfiction Children’s Book Gold Award, California Reading Association


    THE SECRET GALAXY, by Fran Hodgkins, was inspired by Tilbury House’s award-winning, Kirkus-starred book The Secret Pool (2013) by Kimberly Ridley and Rebekah Raye


    A lyrical narrative voice (the voice of the Milky Way galaxy itself) is augmented by sidebars filled with amazing facts and insights about our galaxy, and by extension, our universe.


    Features Mike Taylor’s extraordinary night sky photography and breathtaking NASA images of the births and deaths of stars and galaxies.


    Combines a read-aloud bedtime story with accessible, scientifically accurate sidebar features.


    The perfect book for a budding stargazer or astronomer.


    The Tilbury House Nature Book series brings the natural world to life for young readers. Each book aims for the highest standards of scientific accuracy and storytelling magic.

    Ages: 6-11
    Lexile Measure: 910L



    Applicable DCI and Performance Indicators

    1—ESS1.A The Universe and its Stars: 1-ESS1-1, stars not visible in day

    5—ESS1.A The Universe and its Stars: 5-ESS1-1, star brightness and relative distance


    Available wherever books are sold.

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