Say Something


Say Something



In SAY SOMETHING, by Peggy Moss, there are some children who push and tease and bully at the local school. Sometimes they hurt other kids by just ignoring them. The girl in this story sees it happening, but she would never do these mean things herself. Then one day something happens that shows her that being a silent bystander isn’t enough. Will she take some steps on her own to help another kid? Bright, fluid, realistic watercolors illustrate the story, set in a school with lots of diversity. Resources at the end of the book will help parents and children talk about teasing and bullying and find ways to stop it at school. One child at a time can help change a school.


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Anti-Bullying Song:



A girl learns it isn’t enough to just not tease, in order to build a good and caring community you need to reach out with kindness to others and say something to stop teasing.



Bullying, bystander to bullying.



When you hear someone else bully, are you also guilty since you didn’t speak up to help the victim?