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Goat Lady, The


Goat Lady, The

Please watch this video of the author reading her book!


In THE GOAT LADY, by Jane Bregoli, an elderly French Canadian named Noelie often drew criticism from the Dartmouth, MA, townsfolk because she kept a herd of white goats in her yard. Neighbors complained that the animals were noisy and unruly and that the house was unkempt. The author and her children befriended the old woman and found that she was gentle and kind. When Bregoli’s daughter asked her to paint a picture of the Goat Lady, the artist painted a series of portraits and eventually exhibited them in a local art museum. The paintings helped others in the community to look past Noelie’s mismatched clothes and odd ways and recognize her humble goodness. This gentle, straightforward narrative is told from the point of view of one of the children and is ideal for reading aloud. The book is illustrated with sharp color reproductions of Bregoli’s original portraits done in a soft painterly style. A true story about intergenerational relationships and tolerance that’s perfect for sharing.


Available wherever books are sold.


Honors and Awards:

Teacher’s Choice, International Reading Association, 2005

ASPCA Henry Bergh Children’s Book Award, Humane Heroes, 2004

Maine Student Book Award 2005-2006 Nominee



When two young children befriend an elderly woman the other neighbors shun, they learn generosity overflows from this “poor” woman.



Poverty, elder/younger relations.



There is unequal distribution of wealth in our communities and around the world. People unfairly judge others based on appearances, instead of really getting to know them.

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