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Give a Goat


Give a Goat

GIVE A GOAT, by Jan West Schrock, is a gift that keeps on giving. How can reading a picture book in one country make a difference to a family in need living thousands of miles away? And what does a goat have to do with it, anyway? When Mrs. Rowell’s class is inspired by a rainy-day book to reach out with helping hands, wonderful things happen. Not the least of these wonderful things is a combined, enthusiastic effort by the entire class to reach a common goal. In this true story readers will discover even the smallest good-will efforts are rewarded with positive results. Humorous illustrations show the philanthropic process from inspiration through brainstorming to getting down to work, collecting funds and celebrating success. Give a Goat is a template for adults and children who want to work together to experience the satisfaction of giving to others and making a difference in the world. This book may inspire you, too. Making a change for the better is as easy as giving a goat!


Available wherever books are sold.


Honors and Awards:

Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People, Children’s Book Council / National Council on the Social Studies (CBC / NCSS)

Maine Literary Awards, Honorable Mention

Society of School Librarians International (SSLI), Honor Book



Inspired by a storybook to fundraise for Heifer Project, a classroom of children cooperate to meld a math unit with their goal of giving a goat. Their goodwill effort inspires several other classrooms to reach out with philanthropic projects.



Service projects, education, math.



Not all children have access to free education.


Another resource:

Here is a link to the program page for Give a Goat. It was one of our featured books in 2011-2012. There is a librarian activity and a 5th-6th grade lesson plan for this book.

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