Crying Is Like The Rain



Is it possible we’ve misunderstood crying all along? That’s the discovery one big sister sets out to share with her little brother as they walk to school and get caught in a storm. Along the way they explore sadness, loneliness, fear, frustration, anger and more, through gentle metaphor. Their journey examines our tears revealing how they begin, why they happen, and what to do with them. Throughout the book, the message received is that we are safe in our emotional experiences and that feelings, like the weather, come and go. This is an empowering story about navigating and understanding our feelings as a healthy, important, and very natural part of our lives. Have you ever noticed you feel differently after you cry? That’s because Crying is like the Rain.


Advance Praise for Crying is Like the Rain:


“Feinberg delves into the topic by addressing the reader directly with questions and using direct address to pull them in. The beginnings of storms can feel uncertain. Some storms are loud and thunderous; some storms are relatively gentle. Sometimes “the storm feels like it will never end, but it always does.” And of course, “crying is like the rain.” It helps release pent-up emotions, oftentimes giving a sense of calm at its end.”
- Kirkus Reviews


 “Crying is Like The Rain is a timely gem! This simple and profound book does an exceptional job of helping people of all ages understand that our emotions don't need to be judged or shamed or shut down. Rather, if we just remember that "it's all weather" we can allow the storms to come and go and celebrate the beauty that emerges as a result.  This is an essential read for anyone interested in new ways of understanding child development, emotional well-being and conscious parenting. Consider this a family primer for the evolution of humanity.”  - Carrie Contey, PhD Human Development Specialist


“What a gift to humanity! Learning about and embracing our feelings as children would help prevent so many of the challenges we face as adults. Crying is Like the Rain should be required reading in all elementary classrooms and for all parents, it would help create a kinder, more compassionate, loving and joyful world. In fact, this book will speak to individuals of any age as they do the important work of emotional healing and reparenting themselves.”- Elicia Miller Founder of Core Emotional Healing


“Crying is Like the Rain is a stunning, descriptive, expansive book - an important book - which offers language, understanding, and tools to help navigate emotions. The beautiful images tell the story of a particular child's struggle while the far-reaching words make the story relatable to any circumstance. The story takes us on a journey into the healing process of accepting feelings and allowing them to flow through us, without judgement or fear of other people's reactions. There is a lovely activity at the back of the book, which offers practical support in making this wisdom a part of daily routines. This book is a gift to the emotional wellbeing of children and adults alike, perfect for every home, classroom, and library!” - Julia Spector Mancini Parent Yogi Writer PeaceMaker 


“The natural wonder of weather allows child counselor Heather Hawk Feinberg to present an outward manifestation of emotions, even the difficult ones. Crying is Like the Rain opens the inner lives of children, not unlike the I Am books by Susan Verde, by providing assurance during the sometimes overwhelming experience of human feelings. This affirming book can be revisited again and again during family discussions, with benefit to kids and parents alike.”- Many Jo Shelton Writer Editor Publisher


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Crying Is Like The Rain

A gentle metaphor for understanding and processing anxiety and sadness.