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City Fish, Country Fish


City Fish, Country Fish


In CITY FISH, COUNTRY FISH, by Mary Cerullo, we discover that how like some people live in the country, close to the land, where they enjoy peace and quiet, others live in high-rise apartments in the city and love the hustle and bustle of crowds and nonstop activity, both day and night. In many ways fish are very similar. In the ocean there are places that have some of the characteristics of the country or of the city. Like the classic tale of The City Mouse and the Country Mouse, there are advantages and disadvantages to each habitat. We’ll compare how the fishes that live in tropical seas (the city) and those that swim through cold oceans (the country) meet the challenges and opportunities of their own ecosystems. We will examine how color, shape, and size, as well as behaviors and adaptations, help them survive in their particular habitat. We’ll explore characteristics that make them different, as well as things that make them the same.


Available wherever books are sold.


Honors and Awards:

Society of School Librarians International (SSLI) Honor Award, 2012

Skipping Stones Honor Award, 2013

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