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Bear-ly There


Bear-ly There

In BEAR-LY THERE, by author/illustrator Rebekah Raye, we learn what do you do when there’s a bear in your backyard. A big black bear shows up one moonlit night and creates a real ruckus, first breaking into the shed where the grain is kept for the geese (who aren’t too happy about it), then raiding the bird feeders. The bear is also causing problems at other homes in the neighborhood, getting into the trash and compost and eating dog food that was left out overnight. One neighbor offers to shoot it. Another one suggests calling the game warden to have the bear tranquilized and relocated. But the child among them knows what is best. A bear belongs in the woods, he says, and together with the adults clears the yards in the neighborhood of any food that would tempt the bear. His dad comes up with a good idea for warning the bear away–and it works! BEAR-LY THERE shows that it’s always best for the bear if it stays in the woods, away from humans. An occasional glimpse of a bear through the trees or at the far side of a meadow is much, much better than having one in the backyard–for us and for the bear.


Available wherever books are sold.


Honors and Awards:


Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, Silver




When a bear begins to raid yards, a boy figures out how to keep the bear where it belongs—in the woods.




Humans encroaching on wildlife habitats.




A bear in your backyard.

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