Under the Night Sky


Under the Night Sky



In UNDER THE NIGHT SKY, winter has a special beauty for those living in northern climates–even for those who live in cities. And winter nights can provide the most spectacular sights of all! To her son’s great surprise, a working, single mom breaks her routine one night and rushes her son downstairs to join their neighbors as they spontaneously celebrate the beauty of the northern lights–the aurora borealis. Nature is the central character in this story, and the spell it weaves provides this mother and son with a special moment they can look back on with great happiness.


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Honors and Awards:

Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, Gold

Mom’s Choice Award



The beauty of the Northern Lights lures an apartment building’s worth of people out under the night sky: folks who were once strangers apart become a community together.



The northern lights, community building, mother/child relationships.



Single motherhood makes it difficult at times to connect with child.