The Nesting Quilt


The Nesting Quilt

Maya is a going to be a big sister! Family and friends are getting ready for the new baby. Nana says they are nesting, just like the birds they love to watch. But what can Maya do? With help from a little bird, a kind Nana, and scraps of cloth, Maya creates the perfect gift just in time for the new baby.


Includes easy-to-follow instructions for making a quilt.


The impending arrival of a new baby has Maya reflecting that she and her family are nesting, “just like the birds”. With everyone in the family busy getting ready, Maya needs a role. She has an idea: she’ll make a cozy nest of fabric. With Mama and Nana’s help, Maya turns her drawing into a quilt. In the primary story, the present-tense narrative is set in quilted scraps on each page, foreshadowing Maya’s quilting. An inner story about Maya’s close bond with her Nana and the birds’ nests they’ve seen is presented as framed scrapbook pictures with inset information about the natural world. Mixed-media illustrations depict a warm home life brimming with crafts and creativity. The fabrics that make their way into the quilt (even Maya’s old pajamas) form the backgrounds of each spread as Maya learns to stitch the pieces together and the wonderfully diverse extended family waits for the baby. With a big smile on her face, Maya finally presents her new brother with the result of all of her effort, “a soft and cozy nest” just for him. This delightful book ends with clear instructions for any reader who might want to make a quilt, too, with an adult’s help.


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