Sea Soup: Zooplankton


Sea Soup: Zooplankton

In SEA SOUP: ZOOPLANKTON, by Mary M. Cerullo, we learn that a teaspoon of sea water can hold a soupy serving of a million zooplankton! These tiny animals often look like weird life forms from outer space or larger animals such as jellyfish. In this newest volume (another volume: Sea Soup: Phytoplankton was published in December 1999), Mary Cerullos text answers intriguing questions about these tiny animals that have shaped our world, while Bill Curtsingers extraordinary photomicroscopy serves up tantalizing images of this sea soup. Many of the photos for these books were taken at Maine’s Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science and the Darling Marine Center, using an Axiophot 2 research microscope donated by Carl Zeiss, Inc. This book has an accompanying teacher’s guide: Sea Soup Teachers Guide: Discovering the Watery World of Phytoplankton and Zooplankton.


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