North by Northeast


North by Northeast

NORTH BY NORTHEAST, by Kathleen Mundell, explores how, for generations, Native American traditional artists in the Northeast have passed on their culture through beadwork, basketry, canoe making, wood carving, and quilting. Through the work and words of over thirty-five traditional artists living and working primarily in Maine and New York, North by Northeast explores these artists’ connection to place, tradition, and cultural identity. A tribute to the resourcefulness and creativity of contemporary practicing artists from the Wabanaki, Akwesasne Mohawk, and Tuscarora tribes, the book is beautifully illustrated with the work of photographers Cedric Chatterley, Peggy McKenna, Jere DeWaters, and Peter Dembski. Folklorist Kathleen Mundell has been working with Native American traditional artists for over fifteen years. Her collaboration with Maine’s Native American basketmakers resulted in a multi-tribal effort to preserve the ash basketry tradition and in the creation of the Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance. North by Northeast will also include contributions by Salli Benedict (Mohawk), Sue Ellen Herne (Mohawk), Theresa Secord (Penobscot), and Lynne Williamson (Mohawk heritage).


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