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Keep Your Ear on the Ball


Keep Your Ear on the Ball

In KEEP YOUR EAR ON THE BALL, by Genevieve Petrillo and illustrated by Lea Lyon, everybody wants to help Davey. “Let me open that.” “Do you want to hold my hand?” Davey has one answer for all, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Davey is blind–and he is perfectly capable of doing everything on his own. His well-meaning classmates stop offering help when they see how able Davey is. They respect his self-reliance–until he tries to play kickball. After several missed kicks and a trampled base keeper, no one wants Davey on his team. Working together, the children figure out a way to offer help that respects Davey’s unique abilities and his desire for freedom. In this seamless tale, based on a true story, the children realize that interdependence can be just as important and rewarding as independence.


Available wherever books are sold.



Children exemplify interdependence when their highly independent blind friend wants to play kickball.



Special needs.



Sometimes people with disabilities are misunderstood and treated as though they are incapable.

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