Jeffery Becton: The Farthest House


Jeffery Becton: The Farthest House

Jeffery Becton is a pioneer in the field of fine-art photography who creates provocative montages, often playing with the borders between dream and reality, interior and exterior, abstraction and representation. As art critic Phillip Isaacson observed, Becton’s images “begin with photography, sometimes add painting or watercolor, and metamorphose into a medium of their own.”


Author Carl Little offers a compelling account of Becton’s progress as an artist, from his studies in graphic design and photography at Yale in the 1970s to the creation of his signature digital montages over the past 25 years. He explores Becton’s fascination with vintage New England houses and their furnishings, and how the artist draws upon his surroundings on the coast of Maine and elsewhere to create surreal scenarios than hark back to René Magritte as well as Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth.


Appreciations by art writer and novelist Deborah Weisgall; Dan Mills, director of the Bates College Museum of Art; and art critic Peter Plagens help complete this portrait of a master of photo-based art.


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